How technology makes adjusting to daylight saving time easier

How technology makes adjusting to daylight saving time easier

March 30, 2021

Now that daylight saving time has brought a change in schedules, winter routines are giving way to longer, sunlight filled days and more outdoor activities. But did you know that even your smart devices can help you adjust to the new season, and make the most of your schedule?

Waking up with smart technology is a breeze

Everything from setting your blinds are on a schedule, to programming your smart speakers to wake you up to your favorite playlist can help with getting a head start to the day. 

With longer daylight hours and an earlier sunrise, your devices can help you make the most of your time. Automate everything from your coffee maker to your window blinds, so that you wake up ready to take on the day.

Did you know: according to the National Sleep Foundation, waking up to natural light can help alert the brain, set you in motion and even help you sleep later on.  

Spend more time doing what matters

Living in a connected home is a huge time saver in helping automate the little tasks that add up throughout the day. With all the extra time on your hands, try taking on a fun DIY activity with the family or spending more time outdoors.

Need ideas? Check out this list of fun, family friendly activities that will shake up the usual routine at home. From giving family dinner a competitive edge, to getting the kids involved in DIY, these ideas are sure to make for a memorable season.

Even spring cleaning is less of a chore

With the rising popularity of smart home devices, things like smart vacuums and smart filters are both affordable and practical. Spring routines like changing the air filters are much easier with reminders. And while we’re on the topic of spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean your blinds. This helps prevent the buildup of grime and dust that are not only an eyesore, but detrimental to immune health.

Go green with sustainable smart home devices

Smart lights, automating your blinds to save on energy costs, and even smart kitchen appliances can all help with living more sustainably. Small habits can lead to big changes in using less energy day to day, which will help lower your electricity bill.

Bonus: if your electricity bill has been higher than normal lately, check out these tips to save.

The true benefit of a connected home

Smart technology has endless ways in how it can make life easier, keep your family and safe, and even help you be more productive. The best part about living in a connected home is that it is responsive to your needs, and able to adapt to your unique lifestyle and preferences.

The key is in understanding what features are most important to you before investing in smart technology. Evaluating what features to prioritize will help you make the right purchases that fit within the ecosystem of your home. Also, always check compatibility with existing devices, to allow seamless integration.

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