5 Family Friendly DIY Projects to Take On While Indoors

5 Family Friendly DIY Projects to Take On While Indoors

April 05, 2020

It's no denying that COVID changed life as we once knew it. And while this new normal is an adjustment, it is also an opportunity to spend more time with family.

So the next time one of the kids says they are bored, or you find yourself wanting to shake up the usual routine, consider these DIY projects that are fun for the entire family. 

  1. Create an indoor garden. The benefits of plants are numerous, as they act as immune boosters, reduce stress and fatigue, and even clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. On your next store run, we recommend stopping to pick up a few plants and ceramic planters. The kids can even decorate the planters, and you can place your “garden” in the living room or any common family area, or even spread the plants throughout the house.
  1. Redecorate. Your home is your haven, so make sure it is decorated in a way that keeps you inspired and comfortable. This is the ideal time to redecorate common spaces like the den or living room. If you’re feeling like you want to go the extra mile, repaint a room that needs some extra TLC, or give your kids the green light to play Picasso and repaint their room.
  1. Upgrade to smart home tech. There’s nothing more satisfying than saying a command without leaving the couch, and thanks to smart home technology, you can now automate just about anything. From automated window blinds, to vacuums, to entertainment devices, the options are endless. Involve the entire family in adding new technology to your home and when the projects are complete, you can all chill on the couch while Alexa cues up your next movie night.
  1. Write letters to loved ones. With social distancing becoming a new normal, now is the time to find new ways to connect to relatives. While FaceTime is certainly an option, there’s nothing quite like getting happy mail. Work with the kids to decorate cards and write letters to loved ones, especially grandparents, who might not have the ability to connect virtually.
  1. Recreate Top Chef and host a cooking contest. Ordering food locally has its benefits, but cooking is a great way to bond with family, and can become even more fun with a competitive edge. Create your own cooking show contest the next time you want to make dinner a little more fun. And if you’re really feeling competitive, stream the contest live on Facebook so that your other family members and friends can tune in. Loser has to do the dishes!

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