A Z-Wave motor designed for tilting horizontal blinds


A Z-Wave motor designed for tilting horizontal blinds

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iblinds v3

Introducing iBlinds - the ultimate solution for automating your existing window blinds. With its advanced Z-Wave Plus technology, you can easily control all 2-2 ½ inch corded lift horizontal blinds in your home or office. Create custom schedules to open and close your blinds at specific times, like sunrise and sunset. You can even control your blinds with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Home, or use your smartphone, tablet, or Z-Wave remote to manually control single blinds or groups of blinds from anywhere in the world with just one touch. Upgrade your home or office with the convenience of iBlinds today!

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Installation is simple and easy. No special tools needed.

DIY Smart Home Guy Review

The DIY Smart Home Guy provides useful how-to and reviews for the DIY guy/gal. Watch his review of iblinds v2.

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Voice Control

Tilt your window blinds with voice commands

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