A Z-Wave motor designed for tilting horizontal blinds


A Z-Wave motor designed for tilting horizontal blinds

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iblinds v3

iBlinds is a simple Z-Wave Plus motor used to automate your existing window blinds. Control any 2-2 ½ inch corded lift horizontal blinds in your home or office. Set a scheduled to open at sunrise and close at sunset, use voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home or manually control a single blind, or a group of them, from home or anywhere in the world with one touch of a button using your smartphone, tablet or Z-Wave remote.

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Installation is simple and easy. No special tools needed.

DIY Smart Home Guy Review

The DIY Smart Home Guy provides useful how-to and reviews for the DIY guy/gal. Watch his review of iblinds v2.

Watch the DIY Smart Home Guy iblinds Review

Voice Control

Tilt your window blinds with voice commands

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