How to clean your blinds

How to clean your blinds

March 21, 2021

Window blinds can be easy to neglect when it comes to cleaning, but if left untouched, dirt and bacteria can cause an eyesore, as well as the spread of additional germs and dust throughout the house. 

When doing weekly chores, the most common places to look for dirt and grime are obvious. But before you put away your cleaning supplies, don’t forget to check your blinds for any extra dirt and buildup. 

There are a number of different methods to clean your blinds, so this article will cover everything from tackling tough spots to managing dust levels, plus which tools you will need for each method.

For a basic clean:

Use a simple feather duster to dust your blinds horizontally. Beware of using a plastic duster for this, as it could damage or break your blinds. In addition, please note that this method does not work if you have a large amount of dust buildup on your blinds.

For an easy, deeper clean:

Using the brush attachment on your vacuum, slowly vacuum horizontally across the blinds (be careful - vertical vacuuming could cause damage to your blinds). If you don’t have a brush attachment on your vacuum, consider investing in one, as it is a useful tool to keep the blinds clean. This method also works if your blinds have large dust bunnies or if they have not been cleaned in a while, and goes a long way in keeping the blinds clean.

To spot clean:

For tougher to clean spots, grab an all-purpose cleaner and dry cloth, then spray the cleaner on the cloth, not directly on the blinds. Using the horizontal wipe method, wipe down any particularly grimy areas of your blinds where dust has settled.

Depending on how much buildup is on your blinds, you might have to use a combination of these three cleaning types to make sure your blinds stay clean.

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