3 ways living in a connected home will help you accomplish your goals

3 ways living in a connected home will help you accomplish your goals

January 08, 2020

If you have goals to save money, live more sustainably, or spend more quality time with loved ones, living in a connected home can help. With it's rising popularity, home technology is now a practical solution to take on every day things from opening and closing the blinds to securing the home, to even being a source of entertainment and memory making. 

Here's how living in a connected home can help you accomplish your goals:

1. Save on energy costs with automated window blinds, smart plugs and smart thermostats.


If your goal is to save more money, upgrading your home with smart technology can help you save energy costs every month – which will add up over time. 

Automated window blinds can help you save on electricity costs since less light usage is needed during daylight hours. 

Smart plugs and smart thermostats also regulate energy usage and maintain a standard of sustainability in the home. 

Bonus: here are a few more ways to save on electricity costs.


2. Wake up earlier to natural light by scheduling your blinds to open and close on a consistent schedule.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, waking up to natural light can help alert the brain, set you in motion and even help you sleep later on. These habits lead to more productivity during the day and better sleep at night.

Set your blinds on a schedule to wake up to natural light, and help you get a better start to your day, among many other benefits, like energy savings and increased home security.

Pro tip: during Daylight Savings, your home technology will update automatically. 


3. Spend more time doing what you love by saving time on home routines.


Using a smart home hub with z-wave technology at its core means that your devices can communicate with one another and accommodate your habits, so that you spend less time on daily household duties and more time making memories with the people you love. 

There are a number of home technology devices that are suitable for entertainment, as well as a variety of ages and lifestyles. Here are our top picks that are both affordable and family friendly. 

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