Our top affordable picks for smart technology that the whole family will enjoy

Our top affordable picks for smart technology that the whole family will enjoy

April 07, 2021

According to a recent study, roughly 44% of smart home tech adopters are parents of children younger than the age of 18. So it’s no wonder that more and more smart technology is becoming family friendly. What used to be reserved only for high tech gadgets that were not for everyday use, has now evolved into a global phenomenon for all to enjoy.

Whether using smart technology to manage the home, keep the family entertained, or add in a layer of home security, there are a number of benefits for the entire family. And with smart home technology becoming more and more popular among all ages, it has also become more accessible in price and ease of use.


For parents of small children

Infant, toddler, and adolescent years bring their own set of adjustments for parents, but there are a number of solutions to help along the way. Everything from smart baby monitors, changing tables and sleep systems to smart watch phones, there is a range of technology that can fit your growing family’s needs.


Finding the right technology (and avoiding impulse buys) is a matter of identifying the needs and goals of your family. Wondering where to start? Here are five questions to ask yourself before investing in smart home technology.


For parents of teens 

With busy schedules and competing priorities, it’s always a benefit to have a little extra help around the house. The Google Home hub does just that, and has even been called something like a third parent for its far reaching capabilities. Plan your day, view events and reminders, turn off the lights, and more with this all in one hub.


For teens

Smart speakers like the Google Nest can perform a wide variety of tasks, including streaming music, looking up the weather, and even ordering food. Powered by the Google Assistant, Google smart speakers will fit right into your teen’s lifestyle now, and later, when they move out on their own.

For grandparents

Practical technology like iblinds makes life a lot easier, and safer, with no need to climb around furniture to open and close the blinds. Another bonus? Security. Setting blinds on a schedule keeps unwanted eyes out, with no need to remember to close the blinds at night.


For all ages

The Echo Show is a device the whole family will enjoy, with everything from built in security features to streaming shows, music, podcasts and more. Do everything from controlling the lights and thermostats, to video calling and capturing memories with the family.


Just getting started with smart technology? Read this before investing in smart technology to assess what devices to invest in first and how to prioritize what you and your family need most based on your goals and lifestyle.  

Need help setting up a truly connected home that adjusts to your routines and schedule? Here’s an easy guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

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