How iblinds Can Help Losing an Hour of Sleep for Daylight Savings Much Easier to Manage

How iblinds Can Help Losing an Hour of Sleep for Daylight Savings Much Easier to Manage

March 01, 2022

Even though it happens twice a year, adjusting to the time change is always a process. In the spring, losing an hour of sleep can take its toll at first, but the adjustment period can be less of an inconvenience with the right technology to help you through. Read on to find out how iblinds can help you welcome the new season.

Wake up in a better mood

One of the hardest things about the winter months is that mornings are darker longer, then after work, the sun is already setting, so the day feels short since there is less sunlight. This changes in the spring, so take full advantage of the extra hours. Schedule your blinds so you wake up to natural light, giving you an instant mood boost and jumpstart to the day.

Unplug when it’s time

While technology might be viewed as a distraction for some, it can also be used to create more boundaries around work and life, and make your routines easier. Things like setting your blinds to close at sunset can signal the time for family and stepping away from devices, putting your email on silent and being intentional with the way you spend your time before bed. This can also have a direct impact on how you wake up in the morning, so avoid looking at your phone or laptop screen right before going to sleep as it could make you feel more groggy waking up.

Use technology to be more productive 

The best part about automating daily tasks or everyday routines is that it creates more space within your life for you to spend doing what you prefer vs what needs to be done. With the right technology, we can save time, money and effort so that those resources are directed where we want them to be. Of course there is a balance with making sure technology is practical to daily life, and that is why iblinds is easy to install and something you will use on a daily basis. After the initial setup, you won’t have to think about it anymore, but will reap the benefits every day.

Save on energy costs 

Spring weather can be inconsistent, especially depending on where you live. Temperatures might fluctuate to sunnier highs and cooler lows in the evening, so being able to use your window blinds to regulate the internal temperature of your home is important. So, putting your blinds on a schedule with iblinds is not only convenient, but it also keeps your home at a comfortable temperature with natural light flowing in during the day.

No matter the season, iblinds has you covered with benefits that make your home comfortable and life convenient. Upgrade your existing window blinds with iblinds today.

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