Give the Gift of Home Automation: 5 Affordable Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of Home Automation: 5 Affordable Gift Ideas

November 13, 2019

Christmas songs are starting to play on the radio and Starbucks has introduced their Christmas themed cups so that can only mean one thing: the holiday season is officially here (even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet)! It’s never too early to start shopping for everyone on your nice list, and the gift of home automation isn’t just for techies. Here are 5 affordable home automation gifts that will make your loved ones’ lives more convenient and comfortable.

1. The iBlinds kit

Of course this makes the top of our list! Easy to install and perfect for techies and non-techies alike, iBlinds is a practical gift for anyone on your list, from your tech-obsessed friend to your parents. Benefits include increased security, energy savings and of course the convenience of not having to manually open and close the blinds. Plus, shop now and receive $20 off!

2. Google Nest Smart Thermostat

This smart thermometer is the perfect way to increase the efficiency of the entire home ecosystem, by ensuring that it stays at an optimal temperature. This has its benefits year-round, in keeping it warm and cozy in the winter months, and nice and cool in the summer months. It also pairs with an app that allows the temperature to be controlled remotely! This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is big on sustainability and green living or the budget-conscious person on your list who wants to save some extra cash.

3. Weber iGrill Mini

Give the gift of culinary skills with this smart grill extension! It monitors the doneness of food from start to finish and sends a notification to the connected smart device when the food is done. This is the ideal gift for dad, the culinary enthusiast on your list, or anyone who wants to take their cooking skills to the next level!

4. Amazon Fire TV Cube

While the Amazon Fire TV Cube connects to your TV to elevate your TV and movie experience, its functionality extends to integrating with Alexa to dim the lights, check the weather, and more – even when the TV is off. Give this gift to the tech-obsessed person on your list who loves to try out new gadgets, or to anyone on your list who loves unwinding with entertainment and binge-watching series and movies.

5. Phillips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit

Perfect for the person on your list who loves entertaining others at their home, this practical gift provides a fun solution for light automation while also ensuring energy efficiency. Each starter kit includes at least two bulbs and is designed to replace traditional A19 bulbs. With over 16 million colors available, and the option to control lights from an app or integrate with Alexa, this gift is sure to be a favorite.

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