7 Reasons to add Technology to Your Home – Even if You’re Not a Techie

7 Reasons to add Technology to Your Home – Even if You’re Not a Techie

April 15, 2022

With all the time we are spending at home lately, it makes sense that home should be the place that is most comfortable, inviting and relaxing. And while personal touches and our favorite things add to the environment, small technology upgrades have the ability to make life at home and experience that you never want to leave and always look forward to coming back to.

1. Simple tasks can be automated, giving you more free time to do what you want

The little things add up and the same is true with tasks like trying to remember if you have bread at home or need to buy more when you’re out, starting your coffee in the morning, navigating around furniture to open and close the blinds, and the list goes on. Technology can make life simpler, especially when all your devices are communicating with one another. Your blinds can open at sunrise at the same time the coffee maker starts, making your morning experience more enjoyable, and probably giving you at least a few more minutes to sleep in if you would like. The key is in understanding your habits and what technology upgrades make the most sense for your family. An investment like a smart refrigerator, for example, might be a good investment for a big family that already has many smart home devices, whereas iblinds is an easy entry point if you’re new to smart home devices.

2. Technology can be customized based on your lifestyle and preferences

There are many smart home devices on the market and more being launched every day. The best part about living in a time with so many options is that you can choose technology that makes the most sense for you and your family.

Need help on where to start? Read this helpful guide.

3. With the right devices, your home environment can adjust to what you need

The best part about smart homes is that they are, well, smart. A truly connected home will adjust to your temperature, lighting, environmental preferences and more. You can schedule a smart thermostat, for example to maintain a certain room temperature that you prefer, or to adjust the temperature at certain times of the day based on what you prefer. As you set up these automations, many devices have features where is begins to learn your patterns and routines, so you can set them up tailored to your schedule.

4. Technology makes everyday tasks more exciting

Is it just us or does technology and automation make life (and having people over) more fun? Smart lights have color options to set the mood in any space and of course Alexa is always on standby whether you’re cooking and want to try something new, turn on some music, or anything else.

5. Devices can be linked for a better experience

iblinds, like many other smart home devices, operates on the Z-Wave protocol, which means it is compatible with other Z-Wave devices. This makes that home ecosystem we were talking about earlier smarter, since all devices speak the same language.

6. Create different environments in each room based on what the space is used for

Whether you want to create a home office space or are turning the empty bedroom into a man cave, technology allows you to make each room in your home a unique space that functions how it needs to for its purpose.

7. Make adjustments to your home ecosystem with time

As your habits, lifestyle and needs grow, technology can grow with you. Understanding the goals of your family and how you want to use technology will enable you to start where you are and grow from there, no matter if you’re new to home technology or on the pro level.

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