5 Smart Home Security Features You Need in 2022

5 Smart Home Security Features You Need in 2022

February 01, 2022

Keeping your family and home safe even when you’re away can be as simple as having access to your phone, as new technology makes it easier than ever. Everything from knowing who is at your front door to keeping valuables secure can all be controlled from the palm of your hand. Read on for our 5 favorite smart home security features.

1. Smart lights that run on a schedule

Automatic lights can be used both indoors and outdoors to protect you from unwanted guests or light the way if you plan to be out late. Most companies that make smart lights allow for control from your phone, which is a convenient way to stay connected to your home even if you’re not physically there. Combine this with an outdoor camera system and the area around your property will be much more secure.

2. Smart locks that eliminate the need for keys

Smart locks are rising in popularity because they take away the hassle of having to keep up with keys. These can be added to your front door or anything that protects your valuables. This is also helpful for large families who share access to their home because it reduces the need to make several different copies of the house key.

3. Window blinds that can be controlled from anywhere in the world

If you’ve ever been out for the day and wondering if you remembered to close the blinds, this one is for you. Automating your existing window blinds with iblinds is a hassle-free way to keep your home secure, along with many other benefits like energy savings and convenience.

4. Video doorbells that alert you of guests

Upgrading to a Ring doorbell or similar option is an inexpensive yet effective way to keep track of who is near your front door. This works for family, guests and even if you receive packages or food deliveries and want to keep an eye on who is at the door. The camera footage can be viewed at any time, and you may link it to your phone so you know who is at your front door even if you aren’t at home.

5. Smoke alarms that sense a fire even if you’re away

Yes, even your smoke alarm can get a tech upgrade with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to pinpoint where the fire is located, phone alerts, even the ability to silence the alarm from your phone. That’s right, no more waving a paper fan frantically in front of the smoke alarm when your blackened salmon gets just a little too dark and the alarm goes off.

Bonus tip: make sure the wi-fi network that your devices are on has been set with a unique password that is not the generic one given by your internet service provider. This keeps your devices secure and free from the threat of unwanted guests.

Have other questions about how to select the best smart home products based on your lifestyle? Read this easy guide.

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