5 Reasons iblinds is the Best Gift to Give and Receive

5 Reasons iblinds is the Best Gift to Give and Receive

November 04, 2022

Finding the right gift can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The best gifts always strike the balance between practical and exciting, something that will be used often and considered thoughtful while also having an element of newness.

No matter who you are shopping for, whether it’s your parents, longtime friend, or even a boss or co-worker, iblinds makes the perfect gift. Read on for 5 reasons why.


1. It is easy to install. 

Nothing is worse than getting something as a gift, then it sitting in the box because it is just too complicated to figure it out. This is not the case with iblinds – it is easy for anyone to install, even if they are not a techie. The motor fits inside existing 2” horizontal window blinds, and there is no additional equipment or special tools required for set up.


2. iblinds is practical for everyday use.

Have you ever received a gift that was nice to look at but just wasn’t practical? Don’t get us wrong, it is the thought that counts, but how about getting your loved ones something that they will love to use daily? Think about how much you open and close the window blinds. Now imagine if you didn’t have to do that manually. No matter who you are gifting (or even for yourself!) iblinds is a practical gift that will get daily usage.


3. It has many benefits.

Beyond the convenience of iblinds, iblinds can also help save on energy costs, so it is literally the gift that keeps on giving all year round. The solar panel add on maximizes the efficiency of iblinds, making it a sustainable way to enjoy the convenience of automated window blinds. iblinds also helps keep the home more secure by keeping any extra eyes outside the home without having to manually close the blinds.


4. It will be used often but won't take up space.

The best technology isn’t always bulky or even visible. iblinds is a small motor that fits any 2” horizontal corded lift window blinds. It isn’t noticeable and doesn’t require a lot of extra cords or accessories, keeping the home space clutter-free. This will also be a hit for anyone who has very particular taste with their home design and you aren’t sure what to buy them but still want it to be a home-oriented gift.


5. It is enabled with Z-Wave so it can sync with other smart devices.

If you are giving iblinds as a gift to someone who has other smart home devices, iblinds will easily integrate within their ecosystem of Z-Wave powered devices. This makes it even easier to set up, use, and put iblinds on a schedule based on the devices that are already in use.

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