5 Beginner Friendly Smart Products to Upgrade Your Home

5 Beginner Friendly Smart Products to Upgrade Your Home

June 24, 2022

If you’re taking the first steps into upgrading your home with technology, give yourself a pat on the back! Technology truly is transformative in its ability to simplify our lives and make home more comfortable. We highly recommend starting by asking yourself these questions to narrow down your priorities first, before beginning to think about any purchases. If you already have an idea about what you want your home experience to feel like but are uncertain with where to start when buying products, read on for our top 5 product recommendations to start your smart home journey.


1. Choose a smart hub 

While it’s not required, a smart hub bridges the gap between each of your devices making them work with one another. This stretches beyond the limited functionality of Alexa and Google Home, which can act as hubs for Wi-Fi devices but do not support multiple protocols if your devices run on different wireless networks. A hub like SmartThings, however, allows all devices, whether Z-Wave, Zigbee or Wi-Fi (not Bluetooth) to communicate with one another.


2. Select a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home

A digital assistant makes operating your devices by voice command very easy, and will carry out tasks for you to help save time. We’ve all seen just how easy it is to ask Alexa or Google about questions ranging from recipes to traffic routes to homework help for the kids, and a digital assistant is how those functions are carried out.


3. Add smart lights to save money and energy

Smart lights are an easy upgrade and go-to option if you’re looking to build your smart home with practical products that will help get a return on your investment. Our top picks are Phillips Hue and Wyze, which are both easy to set up and range in price. Control smart lights by phone or voice, schedule lighting based on your preferences and time of day, plus save on energy costs with settings that prevent lights from being on when you aren’t using them.


4. Door, window and motion sensors to take home security to the next level

Another practical and easy to install technology product that will benefit the whole family, door, window and motion sensors provide convenience and security. Add outdoor smart lights and you have a suite of security features that will help keep unwanted visitors away.


5. Make your window blinds smart for endless benefits

It might sound extraneous, but automating your window blinds is more practical than you think. Consider that you won’t have to reach around furniture to open and close the blinds, and you won’t have to remember if you left the blinds open while away from home because iblinds can be controlled from anywhere in the world. You may also link them to your digital assistant so they are accessible by voice command, or set them on a schedule for maximum convenience.

Need more guidance on building the connected home of your dreams? Read this easy step by step guide.

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