3 Home DIY Projects That are a Must for the Fall Season

3 Home DIY Projects That are a Must for the Fall Season

September 17, 2020

Here are some quick DIY projects you can do this week to prepare your home for the Fall season!

Hold on to the Warmth

Make sure your family, the pets and even your plants are tucked in & staying warm this year. Check the windows for leaks and weather-strip all doors opening to the outside. Don’t forget the door opening from the house to the garage- that’s an outside door, too. Do everything you can to keep that warmth inside the house. Saving on your heating bills while keeping everyone inside roasty toasty is a win-win.

Your trees, bushes, gardens and other plants could use a fresh layer of good mulch now to make sure they stay nicely tucked in and warm in the coming months. Mulch is Mother Nature’s blanket.

Let the Sun Shine

The most abundant source of heat is, of course, the sun. Consider automating your window blinds to make sure you take advantage of every minute of sunshine you can. With Fall comes shorter days, making it more important to catch the sun while you can. When using iblinds with a Z-Wave hub, routines can be set to automatically open your blinds at sunrise or when you wake up, while also allowing them to automatically close at sunset or when you go to bed. Automation like this allows your home to absorb all the sunlight & heat it can during the day and holds it in for you at night.

Gather Round the Fire with Friends

Your own cozy fire is just a few steps away, if you follow the directions in this article on Zillow showing us how to build your own fire pit. This DIY fire pit is not only easy to make and easy on the budget, it also looks good. It’s definitely one of the better sets of instructions out there. 

Think marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, family and great friends…  You could be creating memories by nightfall!

DIY projects are a great way to enjoy time with family, and upgrade your home on a budget. What projects are you taking on this Fall?

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