3 Features You Need to Add to Your Blinds ASAP

3 Features You Need to Add to Your Blinds ASAP

July 29, 2022

If you still manually open and close your window blinds, it’s time for an upgrade. When you automate your existing window blinds with iblinds, it offers a number of convenient features that will benefit the whole family.


But first what is iblinds?

iblinds is a motor that fits within the headrail of your existing window blinds. It is a  Z-Wave certified motor that tilts the blinds without you having to manually control them, making it a very practical technology that you will use often and never have to see.


Control your blinds from anywhere in the world

Have you ever been out having a nice time with family, or maybe on your way home from work, when you randomly wondered did you leave the blinds open when you left the house? If you’ve been there, you know that there is nothing like the feeling of a lack of privacy at your home. But with iblinds, you can actually control your blinds no matter where you are, so if you did leave them open, you don’t have to wait until you are home to close them. This is unlike motors that are controlled by Bluetooth that don’t work outside of a certain range.


Automate your blinds when you are home or away

iblinds also gives you the ability to set your blinds on a schedule so that they are synced with your routine. This eliminates the need to have to remember at all, making life much easier. For instance, if you like to wake up to natural light, then want the blinds to close before everyone leaves the house, then open again once someone is home, you may set your blinds to do that without having to think about it again. You can also set different profiles, so if you want a different routine while you are away on vacation, you may schedule that in advance.


Give a command to easily open or close your window blinds

If you have windows that are hard to reach, automating your existing window blinds is as much of a safety upgrade as it is for convenience. Eliminate the need to have to maneuver around furniture or try to reach places that aren’t easy to get to when opening and closing the blinds. Set iblinds to open and close based on the command of your choice, then sit back and let iblinds do the rest. This is also a convenient feature to add in your parent’s or grandparent’s home, so that they have an easy way to enjoy the natural light without moving from where they are sitting.

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